Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian
Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian


These sections will give you an outline of the subject to be covered on each lesson, use these sections to prepare for your next lesson, or to revise the lesson we have just covered.

Below is a list of commonly used phrases.

DSSSM -stands for Doors, Seat, Steering, Seatbelt, Mirrors. Use this to remember the parts of the car that you might have to adjust, when setting the car up for your own use.

POM - stands for Prepare, Observe, Move. Use this system when moving off from a parked position.

MSM - stands for Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre. This is the hazard routine.

MSPSGL - stands for Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Gear, Look. this is the full version of the hazard routine.

LADA - stands for Look, Assess, Decide, Act. Use this system to help you make the correct decisions before reaching a hazard.

Tyres and Tarmac - leave a suficient gap between your car and the car in front in a queue of traffic.

Handbrake and Neutral - use these controls in this order, to secure the car and select neutral, for example when parked or stopped in a queue of traffic and your car is further back in the queue.

Safety bubble - imagine a protective bubble round your car, giving you a safe gap from vehicles in front, behind and at both sides.

Less space, less speed - if you have less space around your car, you will need to reduce your speed.

BBC - stands for Brakes Before Clutch. Reduce your speed with the footbrake before changing to a lower gear.

Control, Observations, Accuracy - these three skills are essential when carrying out any of the set exercises.

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Areas covered

  • Livingston
  • Broxburn
  • Pumpherston
  • Dechmont
  • Bathgate
  • Uphall
  • Boghall