Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian
Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian

Emerge Right

Check your main mirror and then your right door mirror to assess the speed and position of any other road users.

Signal right in plenty of time.

Make sure your car is correctly positioned to turn right, your car should be positioned close to the centre line without crossing the centre line.

Reduce your speed, using the footbrake, before changing gear and before you start to steer.

After reducing your speed with the footbrake, select the appropriate gear, normally first gear, as most junctions are closed junctions.

Look right and left before reaching the junction, look both ways at least twice, as you turn out of the junction, look to the right.

After turning into the new road, check your mirrors, assess the speed and position of any road users behind, make sure your signal has cancelled and then build up your speed.

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Areas covered

  • Livingston
  • Broxburn
  • Pumpherston
  • Dechmont
  • Bathgate
  • Uphall
  • Boghall