Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian
Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian


This is the hazard routine and stands for Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Gear, Look.  



Checking our mirrors first will let us know what other road users are doing behind and at the side of our car, the interior (main) mirror is flat and shows the true distance of road users behind, the door mirrors are curved and distort the image (making road users behind, appear further away than they actually are), this means when checking our mirrors we should start with the interior (main) mirror and then check the appropriate door mirror. 


The signal is given using the indicators on the left of the steering wheel.  Signals should be used where they are necessary, they should be the correct signal and they should be used in plenty of time, without being confusing.


If you need to change your position on the road, you should do so in plenty of time. 


Adjust your speed as necessary before deciding if a change of gear is needed.  Use the footbrake to slow down, this will put on the brake lights at the rear of your car and alert any other road users behind.


Once you have adjusted your speed, you should think whether you need to change your gear.


You should be looking for any other road users, who might cause you to change your speed or position and you should be assessing the speed and position of other road users through the whole process.

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Areas covered

  • Livingston
  • Broxburn
  • Pumpherston
  • Dechmont
  • Bathgate
  • Uphall
  • Boghall