Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian
Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian

Parallel park

The 3 important elements to remember on each manoeuvre, are CONTROL, OBSERVATIONS and ACCURACY.


CONTROL - all of the manoeuvres require good car control, this is achieved by keeping your car moving at a slow walking pace, using the clutch to control the speed.


OBSERVATIONS - a vital part of any manoeuvre is being aware of what is happening all around your car, this can only be achieved by making effective observations. When reversing, you must concentrate on where your car is going, most of your observations will be out the rear window, however you must not forget to make regular checks through the front windscreen and to both sides of your car, remember that the front of your car will move out when you steer to the left or right, make effective observations BEFORE you steer.


ACCURACY - Each manoeuvre requires a certain degree of accuracy, use reference points gained from your practice sessions, to help you accurately position your car correctly throughout each manoeuvre.

As this is a "set exercise", you will start off in a parked position behind the "target" car that you will be reversing behind.

Drive forward, stop when the front of your car is past the front of the "target" car, your car should be parallel and your steering should be straight.  Prepare the car to move off in reverse, observations before moving off.

Reverse back until the rear of your car has passed the rear of the "target" car, use a reference point to achieve this, check your drivier blind spot BEFORE you steer ONE turn to the left.

Once your car reaches a one o'clock position, steer one full turn to the right.

Reverse back until your passenger side rear wheel is close to the kerb, use a reference point to help, steer full lock to the right until your car is parallel with the kerb. 

When you car is parallel with the kerb, steer to the left to straighten the front wheels, bring your car to a stop.

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  • Broxburn
  • Pumpherston
  • Dechmont
  • Bathgate
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