Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian
Neil Brown Driving lessons in West Lothian

Turning right

Check your main and then your right door mirror, to assess the speed and position of any other road users.

Signal right in plenty of time.

Make sure your car is correctly positioned to turn right, your road position should be just left of the centre line, you should be able to see the white centre lines in your right door mirror.  Your road position will allow other road users to pass on the left when safe and your position will also re-inforce your signal.

Reduce your speed, using the footbrake, before changing gear and before steering.

Depending on your speed, choose the appropriate gear.

look at the road ahead, you will need to assess the speed and position of any other road users and decide whether you are going to wait or turn, you should also look into the new road for any hazards such as parked cars, pedestrians about to cross the road etc.

If it is safe to turn into the new road, you must do so without cutting the corner, steer into the new road when your drivers door mirror lines up with the middle of the new road.

If you decide it is unsafe to turn into the new road, you should stop just before you reach your point of turn.

After turning into the new road, check your mirrors to assess the speed and position of road users behind, make sure your signal has cancelled and then build up your speed.

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Areas covered

  • Livingston
  • Broxburn
  • Pumpherston
  • Dechmont
  • Bathgate
  • Uphall
  • Boghall